Pulse Pro - Fluid Management

Graco's Pulse® Pro Fluid Management system is an innovative wireless fluid management system for vehicle and fleet service. The Pulse Pro system provides forward-thinking service operations with the insight, control and analytics needed to simplify decisions and drive profitability in the age of the seamlessly connected shop.

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Roll Around

  • Dispense fluids anywhere in your shop without compromising security or productivity.
  • Technicians can use the sturdy drum cart to transport 55-gallon containers to the dispense site easily without assistance or delays.

Pulse Hub

Simply connect the Pulse Hub to a power source and access your local network to get started — without software or a PC. Access monitoring and reporting tools instantly from any network-connected, web-enabled device, including a PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Wireless communication — Communicates with Pulse devices
  • No software to install — Pulse software delivered via web pages to any PC, tablet or phone 
  • Built-in backup — Includes SD card for database backup and restore
  • Easily updates — Automatic updates through internet connection
  • Built-in computer — Runs custom operating system to eliminate common PC operating system issues

Pulse Software

Get a quick, consolidated view of all dispenses for the entire shop via specially designed and easy-to-use web-enabled software. Track tank levels at a glance. Generate customizable reports and automated email alerts to share critical information instantly with other key decision makers.

  • Responsive web design — Use any-size screen, from a PC to a phone.
  • Consolidated dispense queue — Find everything you need in one convenient table.
  • Advanced reporting — Create and schedule automated reports to track history and fluid usage. 
  • Informative and preventive alerts — The software offers over two dozen alert activities. 
  • Automatic software updates — The software notifies you when updates are ready to install.

Pulse Dispense Meter

Technicians can enter PINs and other data quickly on the heavy-duty meter's large, intuitive display. Or they can flash an NFC tag to the screen to get started – and all data is tracked directly to the meter, technician and work order.

  • Large, intuitive display — High-contrast display for low and bright-light conditions
  • Wireless communication — Communicates dispense information with Hub
  • Long battery life — Uses four off-the-shelf AA batteries – easy to replace
  • Faster PIN entry — Built-in NFC reader and simple, efficient controls
  • Long-life valve design — Cartridge design for long life and easier repair

Pulse Extenders

Choose from multiple devices to extend the reach of Pulse throughout your facility.

  • Expands Pulse network — Supports 20 devices and extends the network range 
  • Simple wireless setup — Automatic network identification
  • Compact design
  • Electrical power

Pulse Pump Air Controller

Shut off air to the pump automatically when not in use to prevent broken lines or draining tanks from leaking fluid (and costs) all over the shop floor.

  • Easy installation — Built-in mounting bracket
  • Simple wireless setup — Automatic network identification
  • Compact design — Allows for mounting directly on pump or in tight spaces
  • High-volume air valve — Supports a variety of pumps
  • Rugged exterior — Sealed enclosure to protect internal components

Pulse Tank Level Monitor

Record tank levels automatically with an ultrasonic sensor. Customized daily reports detailing volumes, discrepancies, alerts and more can be sent instantly to key stakeholders.

  • Simple wireless setup — Automatic network identification
  • Long battery life — Allows for remote installations; uses four off-the-shelf AA batteries – easy to replace
  • Supports multiple tank shapes — Ability to input strapping table for any tank shape
  • On-demand readings — Ability to take a reading at any time
  • Tough exterior — Sealed enclosure to accommodate outdoor use

Pulse Pro Integrations

Gain efficiencies by interfacing Pulse Pro with your existing DMS. Provides billing and workflow improvements by automatically sharing fluid dispense records.

  • Ease of use — Interface is invisible to the technician
  • Security — Validates that a work order exists within DMS before oil is dispensed
  • Automation — Ensures that all dispenses are billed
  • Detailed reporting — Each job performed is recorded with information returned to DMS 

How Much Money Can Your Shop Save?

Use Pulse Fluid Management to effortlessly track fluid dispenses with unyielding accuracy. Show customizable reports. Share the data. And use the ROI calculator to prove that Pulse can help recoup investment costs within only a few months.

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