Bulk Fluid Management Systems

Graco’s fluid management system tracks and monitors the dispensing of common shop fluids: petroleum and synthetic oils, antifreeze, gear lube, hydraulic fluid, automatic transmission fluid and windshield wash solvent. You’ll save time, gain billable hours and maximize your fixed operation's profitability with our systems.



Easily Identify Areas for Improvement

Through accurate data reporting, you can quickly identify areas within your operations where process improvements could be made.

Convenient Wireless Communication

Through convenient and reliable wireless communication all the components easily “talk” to each other, eliminating messy wiring. Wireless communication is ideal for any size workshop from smaller service garages to the largest service workshops.

Be More Productive

Refill based on need, not schedule through automation and close tracking of fluid tank levels, you can refill based on need, not schedule.

How Much Money Can Your Shop Save?

Use Pulse Fluid Management to effortlessly track fluid dispenses with unyielding accuracy. Show customizable reports. Share the data. And use the ROI calculator to prove that Pulse can help recoup investment costs within only a few months.

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Pulse Bulk Fluid Management Hub & Software

Graco's intuitive software for Pulse™ Fluid Management has been custom developed to control every component within the Pulse network. Generated by the Pulse Hub you can connect to dispense meters, pump air controllers and tank level monitors.


Pulse Fluid Management Extenders

Extend your Pulse™ fluid management network wirelessly with extenders. Extenders allow for larger shops to have more devices, secondary buildings and stronger network connections.

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Pulse Fluid Management Meters

Graco dispense meters designed for our Pulse™ fluid management systems are durable and easy to use. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Enter PINs and other data using the intuitive display.


Pulse Fluid Management Mobile Dispense Packages

With our Pulse™ mobile dispense packages you can easily control your mobile drums and dispenses by providing security for expensive drums of synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids. Each package contains everything you need to manage your drums in existing Pulse installations.


Pulse Fluid Management Pump Air Control

Graco’s Pulse™ Pump Air Control (PAC) is integral to the Pulse fluid management system. These reliable devices prevent unauthorized access to fluid inventory.


Pulse Fluid Management Tank Level Monitors

The Pulse™ tank level monitors accurately measure fluid levels in your largest tanks. Keep track of fluid levels throughout the day. Send low- or -high-level warnings by email.

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