Automated Paint Systems

Benefits of Robotic Painting


Lower material consumption, VOCs and waste disposal 


Gain unmatched accuracy and repeatability, reducing scrap and rework


Minimize downtime and bottlenecks with better, more reliable equipment


Protect employees from dangerous conditions and repetitive tasks

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Easy Integration with Robotic Automation Systems

Graco's proportioners and automatic spray guns easily integrate with robotics and reciprocators

Compatible Robots

Fanuc Robots: Motoman Robots: ABB Robots: Kawasaki Robots:
P-250 EPX2700 IRB 5400 KF121
P-250iB EPX2800 IRB 5500 KJ264
P-350 EPX1250 IRB 580 KJ314
P-350iB/45 EPX2050 IRB 52  
P-50 MPX3500    
P-50iB EPX2800R    
Paint Mate 200iA EPX2900    
Paint Mate 200iA/5L      

Popular Automation Applications

Automated paint systems are used in a vast array of industries - from cosmetics containers and cookware to automotive parts and footwear

Why Graco Automation?

Trusted Finishing Experts

For more than 90 years, Graco has been providing high quality finishing products to industries like yours around the world. Our success is based on a foundation of long-lasting, dependable equipment that you can trust.

A+ Customer Service 

Striving to consistently exceed your expectations, Graco makes it our goal to ensure product quality, deliver products on time and find solutions for your unique applications. 


Reputation for Innovation 

Built upon decades of delivering results to our customers, Graco makes substantial investments in research and development to ensure you get innovative products that take your business to the next level. 

Return on Investment 

Committed to providing you with high quality products at lower costs, Graco helps you improve customer satisfaction and enhance your brand differentiation – driving increased revenues for your business.