On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication systems deliver controlled amounts of lubricant to multiple locations on a vehicle while it’s running.

Extend Vehicle Life

Why Automatic Lubrication?

On-vehicle automatic lubrication systems provide consistent lubrication on a more frequent basis. Too little or too much lubricant will result in friction and heat, which creates drag on the bearing and damages the bearing’s seals. Furthermore, the best time to lubricate a bearing is while your vehicle is moving. Equipment operators have an unsafe and almost impossible task when completing a traditional manual lubrication cycle. With manual lubrication, operators are forced to crawl around and under the vehicle and often times miss lubrication points.

Less Time in the Shop. More Time on the Road.

Automate Your Maintenance Routine and Lubricate your Vehicle while it’s running.

Innovative Technology & Reliable Products

Graco’s investment in research & development is evident throughout our innovative lines of lubrication products. For decades Graco has been engineering and manufacturing high-quality lubrication products and systems that serve thousands of customers in numerous industries.

Protect Your Investment

Automatic lubrication can add years to the life of your vehicles and maximizes your investment in trucks, buses and other over-the-road fleet vehicles.

On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Products

Whether you need automatic lubrication equipment for oil or grease, we have you covered. Graco products are engineered to handle a vast range of oil and grease types.

Featured Success Story

Auto Lube Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

Refuse Truck Manufacturer Finds Success with a G3 Auto Lube System.

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