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On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication

With on-vehicle automatic lubrication, systems provide the proper amount of lubrication on a more frequent basis. Plus, equipment is lubricated while moving, so productivity never wanes.


Graco Auto Lubrication solutions provide certainty for today’s modern equipment manufacturers, managers and operators seeking continuous uptime and optimal productivity from the machines they rely on daily.


Graco is blazing a new path in a marketplace that’s been largely stagnant for nearly 70 years. That’s why we continuously design and revamp auto-lubrication systems — often to resolve specific issues plaguing competitive systems. 


Sophistication made simple. Enjoy an easy-to-use automatic lubrication system comprising only a few components: pump, metering valves, controllers, fittings and accessories. We’ll help you install it – even show you how to do it in case you buy more…

On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication Products

Use Graco Auto Lubrication Systems for optimal productivity. Always innovating, Graco offers a comprehensive collection of pumps, metering valves, controllers, fittings and accessories designed to dispense accurate and timely lubrication for today’s modern, information-rich users — all backed by Graco’s trusted name and responsive A+ customer support.

Featured Success Story

Auto Lube Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

Refuse Truck Manufacturer Finds Success with a G3 Auto Lube System.

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