On-Vehicle Automatic Lubrication

Transporting products and people consistently and economically requires always-available vehicles. Graco Auto Lubrication enables these trucks, trailers, buses and other vehicles to run optimally with fewer maintenance issues.

Fleet Vehicle Auto Lube Selector

Determine which Grease Jockey Kit is right for your fleet vehicle by utilizing this selector tool.

Automatic Lubrication Articles & Guides

Equipment Selection

Will an Automatic Grease System Work on My Vehicle?

No matter what shape, size or capacity, automatic lubrication will work for your commercial vehicle.

The Basics

Understanding the Basics of Automatic Lubrication Systems

Discover what components make up an automatic lubrication system.

Success Stories

Snow Plow Keeps Moving With Graco Grease Jockey

A city in Minnesota uses auto lubrication for even the most extreme road conditions.

Equipment Selection

Simplify Lubrication with Automatic Grease Systems

Make manual lubrication a thing of the past with an on-vehicle automatic lubrication system.

Success Stories

Refuse Fleet Chooses Graco To Solve Issues With High Component Wear

On a limited budget, Graco automatic lubrication helps customers reduce component failures.

Equipment Selection

Proper Trailer Lubrication is Important

Automatically lubricate not only your tractor, but your trailer too.


Keep Your Fleet On The Road - And Out Of The Shop

No matter shape, size or capacity, automatic lubrication will work for your commercial vehicle.


Identifying Chassis Grease Points on Class 5-8 Trucks

Understand locations of specific chassis grease points on Class 5-8 trucks, helping you service in the field, and spec autolube installs.


How Often to Grease a Semi Truck?

Greasing a semi truck and semi trailer depends less on frequency and more on consistency. Even with properly timed intervals, poor greasing practices and human error can result in over- and under-greasing, causing premature wear on critical components of a tractor trailer.


Effects of Lubricant Contamination

Discover how to avoid lubrication contamination from causing a major disruption in your operation.

How To

Diagnosing a Worn Kingpin

How to properly conduct a kingpin wear inspection.


Dealing with Unplanned Maintenance Costs

One approach to dealing with annoying, unplanned maintenance costs.

Equipment Selection

Choosing The Right Grease For Fleet Truck Chassis And Components

Learn about the differences in grease types for use on your fleet vehicle.

Success Stories

Cement Supplier Turns More Profit and Less Downtime with Automatic Lubrication

Expensive bearing failures eliminated with automatic lubrication.

Success Stories

Auto Lube Results in Increased Customer Satisfaction

Refuse Truck Manufacturer Finds Success with a G3 Auto Lube System.

Equipment Selection

Achieve Centralized Lubrication Without Automatic Lubrication

Simultaneous lubrication from a single grease fitting

Equipment Selection

5 Reasons Why You Need Automatic Lubrication

Protect your equipment and your employees by utilizing automatic lubrication to grease critical lube points.


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