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Cementitious Fireproofing  Pumps for spraying SFRMs

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Understanding codes around fireproofing structures can be as challenging as calculating the right thickness of material to apply. With so much to keep track of, having a reliable pump from a company you know and trust gives you the peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting the support structure of a building or parking garage.


Graco’s ToughTek piston and rotor stator pumps are not only compact and easy to take from one job to another, but can easily handle low, medium and high-density spray-applied fire resistive materials (SFRMs). Whether you select the ToughTek F340e for small to medium sized jobs, or a higher output ToughTek pump for large jobs, Graco has you covered.

Select the right pump for your business

Choose between Graco's patented piston pump for a low maintenance machine that pumps at a higher output than competing products, or our simple, dependable rotor stator pumps that deliver a consistent flow of materials

Piston pump

Piston Pump

Graco’s piston pump technology moves material by moving the pump up and down. For the majority of jobs, Graco’s piston pump technology meets performance standards and is not only easy to maintain, but works with any 120 volt outlet.

Rotor stator pump

Rotor Stator Pump

Graco’s rotor stator pump technology moves material by rotating the pump in a circular fashion. For larger jobs that require thicker materials, a powerful rotor stator pump will give you the durability and rugged performance needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


ToughTek Fireproofing Industry brochure

Fireproofing Industry Brochure

Whether you select a piston pump or rotor stator pump, Graco’s ToughTek pumps can easily handle everything from low to high-density SFRM’s. Read this brochure to learn more.

ToughTek Family brochure

ToughTek Product Line Brochure

For product specs and ordering information on the entire ToughTek line of pumps, download this brochure.

Three Ways to Simplify Fireproofing

Three Ways to Simplify Fireproofing

Wasting too much time on logistics like lugging around giant machinery or figuring out power setup? Learn how portable fireproofing pumps are allowing companies to eliminate extensive jobsite preparation and can help your company focus better on completing the job at hand.

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