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How to Select an Airless Sprayer for Industrial Coatings

Equipment selection is critical to the successful application of industrial coatings - understand what you need to consider when choosing and airless sprayer.


How to Apply 500 Mils of Epoxy Material in a Single Coat

Q&A with Warren Environmental, a material manufacturer that is outfitting their approved applicators nationwide with leading edge trailers that extend the life of critical water infrastructure.

Success Stories

Applying High Solids Coatings with Short Pot Life

Italian sandblasting and coatings specialist, Civardi, was looking for a solution to apply high-solids coatings with a short pot-life

The Basics

How to Spray Inorganic Zinc Primers

To properly spray inorganic zinc primers, it's as much about how you handle the material as it is about the pump. Here's why.

The Basics

Concrete Surface Prep Part 3: Grades of Roughness

How much surface profile is sufficient for various types of concrete coatings and overlays?

Success Stories

Cleaning Polyurethane Foam On Concrete

Polyurethane foam is difficult to scrape, sand, or chemically remove from concrete - vapor abrasive blasting does this easily, and require no harsh chemicals


HoldBlast Vision Test Results

HoldBlast Vision was tested with using an EcoQuip 2 Vapor Abrasive Blaster on a steel surface mixed at a 2% solution - see the results.

How To

How to Choose the Right Blast Nozzle for Wet Abrasive Blasting

What you need to know to choose the right nozzle for your abrasive blasting application

The Basics

Concrete Surface Prep Part 1: Unsound Concrete

How does the blaster know when he’s achieved the specified surface profile on concrete?


Blast Cleaning for Municipalities

Public works departments are utilizing wet blasting / vapor abrasive blasting to clean graffiti, restore weathered monuments, and even remove tough lane markings

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