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How To

Abrasive Blaster's Guide to Rust Prevention

Different types of rust and how to avoid them - a comprehensive guide for abrasive blasters

How To

Detecting & Identifying Defects in Steel During Surface Preparation

Finding and reporting defects is not only important, but is a good way to distinguish yourself from the competition

Equipment Selection

How Hydraulic Spray Foam Machines Work

Learning how hydraulic spray foam machines work will help you understand the pros, cons, and if hydraulic is right for you.


Reducing SLU Scheduling Issues

With SLU pumping, scheduling challenges can be greatly reduced. Placement can generally be completed faster with fewer people. Since larger rooms do not necessarily require additional workers, these resources can be applied elsewhere.

Equipment Selection

Four Tips for Mixing and Pumping Field-Mixed Stucco Basecoats

When preparing to pump stucco basecoats, the right mix can make all the difference. Fiber reinforced cement basecoat consists of an 80 pound (lb.) bag of concentrated cement mixed with 200-240 lbs. of washed sand certified to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard C897 or C144, a...


Portable Pumps Give Stucco and EIFS Contractors New Flexibility

Recent advances in portable stucco pumps have provided contractors new flexibility. Weighing in at approximately 200 pounds, the portable units allow work to be accomplished with smaller crews, smaller equipment footprints and improved transportability.

Success Stories

50,000 Square Feet Of Slu In One Day

A five-person crew accomplished this lofty task by utilizing today's pumping equipment


Getting Around The Labor Shortage By Maximizing Efficiency

Utilizing machinery in place of work traditionally done by hand is an optimal solution for overcoming the labor shortage in the construction industry, enabling companies to take on more jobs and in turn increasing profitability and efficiency.


PPE & Respirator Requirements For Safe Abrasive Blasting

Everything you need to know about blasting PPE for dry, wet, and vapor abrasive blasting.


How HoldTight Inhibits Rust

Learn how HoldTight improves efficiency by allowing you to blast longer, without stopping to apply paint

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