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Episode 010

Nate Millman: Working Overtime to Build Your Reputation

Sub Zero Spray Foam Insulation in Hazel Green, WI was founded by Nate Millman, who left his spray foam job to start his own foam business, and has since established a solid reputation built upon hard work, quality, and attention to detail. In this episode, Nate talks about what he's learned over the years, and what other contractors can do to build a strong spray foam business themselves.

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Episode 009

Chris Bryntesen: Spray Foam Rig Building Success with CJ Spray

In this episode, you'll hear from an expert on the important things to consider when building a best-in-class spray foam rig. We talk with Chris Bryntesen, the President/CEO of CJ Spray. We cover nearly every topic from layout, power, wall space, A/C size, payload and storage considerations. You also get a glimpse inside Chris's business operations. Chris, being a business owner himself, reveals many lessons learned and has advice for those looking to grow by making smart business decisions.

Episode 008

Chris Curry: Stop Bidding, Start Selling

Along with his two brothers, Chris Curry co-founded All Florida Insulation. In this episode, Chris shares some of the invaluable sales techniques that he’s developed over the past 13 years. Chris believes in relationships and has contributed to the continued growth of All Florida Insulation by focusing on the needs of the customer, building trust, and delivering on promises. He approaches each potential customer with the same professionalism and integrity, because although they might not be a customer today, they could be tomorrow.

Episode 007

CR Herro: Life Built Better with Spray Foam

As the VP of Innovation at America's seventh-largest home builder, Meritage Homes, CR Herro is no stranger to being at the forefront of homebuilding science. CR is a long-time advocate of spray foam insulation and continues to educate on the efficiency and comfort it brings to Meritage-built homes. In this episode, we'll talk with CR about what it takes to build the best, and what spray foam contractors can do to tap into the ever-growing market of energy-conscious consumers.

Episode 006

Josh Cotner: Spray Foam Insurance

With 15 years in the industry, Josh Cotner of The Contractors Choice Agency has seen it all, especially when it comes to spray foam insurance. In this episode, you’ll learn all about what you need to know to protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and your company.

Episode 005

Tom Malik: Inside Graco Tech Support

If you've called Graco's tech support for a spray foam equipment or gun-related issue, there's a good chance you've talked to today's guest, Tom Malik. In this episode, Tom talks about some of the simple steps you can take to prevent common issues, avoid unnecessary downtime, and ultimately, get the best performance and longevity out of your spray foam equipment.

Episode 004

Aaron Franzen: The Art of Selling Spray Foam

Aaron Franzen’s background runs deep in the insulation industry. From installer and mechanic to owning his own spray rig, all the way to his current position as Spray Foam Equipment Manager at IDI Distributors. In this episode, Aaron talks about various techniques for selling spray foam without talking about features and benefits; using stories, testimonials, and relating to the customer. When done correctly, selling can be an art form that can overcome price by focusing on the human element.

Episode 003

Patrick Mahoney: Pay it Forward

In this episode, Patrick Mahoney talks about what he believes can be done to advance the spray foam industry, including sharing his knowledge with other spray foamers, even if they might be his competition. He also talks about the importance of organization – everything from tool bags to PPE to your entire spray foam rig – investing in the organization of your company and assets will pay for itself many times over. Patrick talks about some simple tricks he used when he was just starting out, such as establishing a “digital footprint” on social media. He also touches on some of the mistakes he’s made, and how you can handle those mistakes in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

Episode 002

Ken Wells: Being a Spray Foam Professional

In this episode of On Ratio, we talk to Ken Wells, co-owner of Elite Insulation and PolyPro. Ken is an active member of the SPFA, SFWW, and has been featured on the cover of Spray Foam Professional magazine. We talk to him about his insulation business and how doing things like networking with other trades and becoming a member of SPFA can pay off for you. We also talk about the importance of industry education and a ratio assurance system in spray foam. We also discuss how Ken defines success – both as a business owner, and family man. By the end of this episode, you'll understand how Ken finds balance in his life, and what he’s learned from his dedication to being a true spray foam professional.

Episode 001

Bill Bilben: The Making of a Spray Foam Industry Veteran

In this episode of On Ratio, we interview Bill Bilben, the creator of Spray Foam World Wide, the ever-popular Facebook group that has grown to be the leading tech support and networking group in the industry. In addition to SFWW, Bill is also co-owner of Atticus Insulation and Piranha Tools. In our interview with Bill you'll hear about starting a spray foam business, setting a vision and being a leader, adapting to the needs of customers, and knowing how to change direction when necessary. As you listen to his story, you'll start to see what it really takes to become a true veteran in this industry.


Introducing On Ratio: The Business of Spray Foam

In this episode, we'll tell you a little bit about what you can expect from the On Ratio Podcast. We'll introduce the hosts, Eric Gall and Jon Fredkove. You'll also get to hear some clips from upcoming episodes and interviews with spray foam industry experts like Bill Bilben of Spray Foam World Wide, Tom Malik of Graco Technical Support, Ken Wells of Elite Insulation, and Patrick Mahoney of Lighthouse Insulation. Thanks for listening!