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FinishPro HVLP Sprayers

HVLP Fine Finish Sprayers

With exclusive new TurboForce technology

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Introducing the newest line to Graco’s FinishPro product family of fine finish sprayers, FinishPro HVLP with breakthrough TurboForce technology. TurboForce is the next generation turbine technology that delivers the most optimized air pressure and air flow combination. Contractors will experience up to 30% more performance than any comparable product on the market. The more TurboForce, the faster the application with less material preparation.

Comes complete with:

Flip-top lid access - retrieve extra needles and nozzles without removing EDGE Gun from cup holder.

  • All include:
    • HVLP EDGE Gun
    • 1-qt (1-L) material cup
    • 30 ft (9 m) Super-Flex air hose
  • FinishPro HVLP 7.0 includes:
    • #3 Quick Release Fluid Set
  • FinishPro HVLP 9.0 includes:
    • #3 & #4 Quick Release Fluid Set
    • Air Ball Valve
  • FinishPro HVLP 9.5 includes:
    • #2, #3 & #4 Quick Release Fluid Set
    • Air Ball Valve
    • 4 ft [1.2 m] Whip Hose
    • Artisan Air Valve Kit
Optional ProComp Pack Accessory

Optional ProComp Pack accessory:

  • Powerful “plug and spray” compressor pack accessory attaches to any FinishPro HVLP sprayer
  • Ability to separate the gun from the material cup for lightweight spraying in any direction
  • Simple installation in filter location
  • Single switch turns on entire system – sprayer and compressor
  • Kit Includes: ProComp Pack, 1 qt [1 L] Remote Cup, 5 ft [152 cm] Material & Air Hose and Shoulder Strap
FinishPro Toolbox

All 3 Sprayers Feature...

  • TurboForce Technology
    • Exclusive, proprietary turbine design builds more pressure through each stage resulting in 30% more performance at the gun
    • More air flow and air pressure means higher production with less thinning
    • Higher efficiency than standard turbines generates less heat and provides longer life
  • Utility Toolbox Design
    • Stores gun, cup, power cord and supplies inside
    • Separate top storage for extra needle and nozzle sets
    • Durable design provides insulation for quieter operation
    • Innovative gun design combines intuitive controls and improved performance
  • Industry Leading Dual Filtration System
    • Extends motor life and ensures the highest quality finish
    • Main automotive-grade filter has 20 sq ft [6 m] of filtration – the most advanced filtration system on the market today
    • Outperforms foam filters commonly used on other HVLP sprayers
  • Built-in Cup Holders
    • Conveniently holds HVLP Edge Gun and cup when not spraying
    • Extra cup holder for cleaning fluids and material
  • Super-Flex™ Air Hose
    • 15% lighter weight than other leading brands for more control at the gun
    • No tools hose connection