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LineLazer IV 250SPS  Self-Propelled Line Striping System

The LineLazer IV 250SPS is a stand-on line striping solution for improved visibility and razor sharp lines.

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Stand-on Self-Propelled Line Striping Machine

Graco’s LineLazer family introduces its new, most innovative unit—the LineLazer IV 250SPS. Graco now offers the industry’s first stand-on, self-propelled striping unit. The LineLazer IV 250SPS is the stand-on striping solution for improved visibility and razor sharp lines.

Painting parking lot lines

Innovative features for pavement marking professionals:

  • Automatic Gun Control System—Manual or automatic paint and bead guns with the push of a button
  • Electric Clutch System—Disengages engine for fast starting
  • 25 Gallon (95 L) Paint Hopper—Extended striping time with large capacity hopper
  • Honda® 390 cc (13 HP) GX Engine with Electric Start—Industry proven performance with the most demanded engine by contractors
  • Stand-on Platform—Great sight line and all-day comfort, or flip it up for walk-behind operation
  • Graco Hydraulic Motor System—Graco’s no-stall hydraulic motor for uninterrupted performance
  • Flex Plus™ Guns—Industry proven paint guns with LineLazer tips provide precise lines
  • Endurance™ Piston Pump System—Long life pump provides precise flow for wide range of striping materials
  • Rear Gun Mount System—Provides straighter long lines ideal for bike paths, airports and other long line jobs

Apply a wide variety of road marking paints, including:

  • Common traffic paints
  • Waterborne traffic paints
  • Low VOC traffic paints
  • Rubberized traffic paints
  • Solventborne traffic paints

Ideal for many types of pavement marking applications, including:

  • Airports
  • City streets
  • Bike paths
  • Intersections
  • Parking lots

LineLazer IV 250SPS
Height Unpackaged with handle bar down
47.25 in
120.0 cm
Height Packaged with Handle bar down
54.25 in
137.8 cm
Width Unpackaged
33.0 in
83.8 cm
Width Packaged
40.0 in
101.6 cm
Length Unpackaged with platform down
73.5 in
186.7 cm
Length Packaged with platform down
78.0 in.
198.1 cm
Weight Unpackaged
627.0 lb
284.4 kg
Weight Packaged
730.0 lb
331.1 kg
Sound Power per ISO 3744
97.1 dBa
97.1 dBa
Sound Pressure
81.2 dBa measured at 3.1 ft
81.2 dBa measured at 1 m
Hand Arm Vibration per ISO 5349
1.2 sq m/sec with 8 hours of daily exposure
1.2 sq m/sec with 8 hours of daily exposure
Whole Body Vibration per ISO 2631
0.0 sq m/sec with 8 hours of daily exposure
0.0 sq m/sec with 8 hours of daily exposure
Power Rating per SAE J1349
8.5 HP at 3600 rpm
6.3 HP at 3600 rpm
Maximum Delivery
2.5 gpm
9.5 lpm
1 gun Maximum Tip Size
.055 in tip
.055 in tip
2 gun Maximum Tip Size
.039 in tip
.039 in tip
Inlet Paint Strainer
16 mesh
1190 micron
Outlet Paint Strainer
60 mesh
250 micron
Pump inlet size
1 in NSPM (m)
1 in NSPM (m)
Pump outlet size
3/8 NPT (f)
3/8 NPT (f)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
1.25 gal
4.73 l
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure
1825 psi
124 bar
Maximum Working Pressure
3300 psi
228 bar, 22.8 MPa
Maximum Forward Speed
10 mph
16 kph
Maximum Reverse Speed
6 mph
9.7 kph
Electrical Capacity
14 A at 3600 rpm
14 A at 3600 rpm