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RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System  Modular, One Person Operation Road Striping System

Gain truck independence and more room for hauling paint and beads with the RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System

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RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System

The new RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind System provides more room for hauling paint and beads in the truck bed during the striping season, and truck independence throughout the off-season, with focus around simple and convenient set-up, operation, transportation, and storing of the system.

  • 4 Ready to stripe RoadLazer RoadPak Tow-Behind Systems
  • Modular striping system offers unlimited striping possibilities
  • 1 or 2 pump RoadPak for superior performance and crisp, clean stripes
  • Optional RoadView Camera System for optimum forward viewing and alignment from the cab for one person striping
RoadLazer RoadPak features

Dual Hitch System – Patented design makes the hitches part of the striping vehicle, tracking with the truck, not behind it, delivering straighter lines and smooth transitions into curves.

1 or 2-Pump – Flexibility for those needing only 1-color or striping contractors who are growing into 2-color applications where it’s easy to switch between yellow and white stripes with a twist of a lever.

Endurance™ Piston Pump System – Graco pumps have delivered excellent results in pumping striping paint for over 20 years.

Bead Tank – 450 lb (204 kg) bead capacity.

Adjustable Bead Deflector – The finger-adjustable bead deflector allows you to set the bead pattern to the exact width needed for the job (optional).