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TexSpray RTX 650  Texture Sprayer

Ideal for tradesmen and contractors who are ready for a faster, more-productive, less-fatiguing spray rig

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The RTX 650 is the perfect pumping system for tradesmen and contractors who are ready to graduate from a hopper gun to a faster, more-productive, less-fatiguing spray rig.

For help choosing which texture sprayer is right for you see the Texture Brochure & Application Guide under Resources.

Makes spraying texture faster and easier

TexSpray RTX side view
  • Innovative Pump-Only Texture Sprayer (patent pending)
    • Small, lightweight and portable - easy to bring on and off the job site.
    • Designed for use with a user-supplied compressor
  • RotoFlex II Texture Pump
    • Delivers smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent pattern.
    • Provides material flow rates up to .65 gpm for faster applications.
  • Lightweight Spray Gun
    • Allows material to be kept back at the pump so you're left to manage only the weight of the gun.
    • Ergonomically styled for comfortable spraying, regardless of project size.
  • Superior Texture Projection - Pumping system force-feeds material through the texture gun and projects texture farther than a traditional hopper gun.
  • Oversize Material Hopper - Holds 5 gallons of material, allowing you to complete a whole room without stopping to refill.

†User supplied air compressor with minimum performance of 3.5 cfm at 40 psi required for most applications. See technical manual for full details, listed by application.

TexSpray RTX 650 Gun Hose Kit

Units include:

  • 3/4 in x 20 ft (19 mm x 6 m) Material Hose
  • Air Spray Trigger Gun
  • Nozzles (6 mm, 8 mm)

RTX 650 Interior Texture Sprayer
Main Unit Power Requirements
120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz, 11A, 1 phase
120 V, 15 A, 60 Hz, 11A, 1 phase
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
50 psi
345 kPa, 3.5 bar
Maximum Air Working Pressure
100 psi
0.7 MPa, 7 bar
Compressor Specifications
Universal motor thermally protected, oil-less
Universal motor thermally protected, oil-less
Compressor (Not Supplied)
3.5 @ 40 psi minimum
3.4 @ 280 kPa, 2.8 bar
Generator Minimum Wattage (Optional)
Electric Motor
Permanent Magnet CD-5A
Permanent Magnet CD-5A
Power Cord
16AWG, 3–wire, 15 ft
16AWG, 3–wire, 4.5 m
Maximum Hopper Capacity
5 gallons
19 liters
Maximum Delivery with Texture
0.65 gpm
2.46 lpm
Dimensions and Weight
19 in
482 mm
12 in
305 mm
Height (no handle)
20 in
508 mm
Weight (includes hoses or gun)
33 lb
14.9 kg
Noise Levels, * per ISO 3744; measure at 3.1 ft (1 m)
Sound Power Level
Sound Pressure
Wetted Parts
Brass, aluminum, plastic
Brass, aluminum, plastic
Storage Temperature Range
Operating Temperature Range
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure
70 psi
480 kPa, 4.8 bar
Maximum Air Working Pressure
125 psi
0.8 MPa, 8.6 bar
CFM Rating
3–11 CFM
3–11 CFM
1.1 lb
500 g