Characteristics of Orange Peel Texture

Orange peel ceiling texture is a trending residential finish.

Orange Peel texture is definitely high on the list when you look at common, trending, residential finishes in new construction. This is especially true in the western United States, and also in southeast United States.  The cool thing is that the name “Orange Peel” name completely describes the look of the final finish. Genius.

Finishes like this, with small, fine particles of pattern, tend to require a lot of air to atomize. Actually, that’s the rule of thumb with all finishes, the smaller the pattern, the more air required, and vice versa. Finishes in this category also tend to use a very loose consistency material. Typically joint compound is used, along with a lot of water, and mixed to a creamy consistency.

Ideal equipment solutions for this will have high air volume (CFM). This means either a large internal air compressor or the capability to add a lot of air from an external compressor. Nozzle selection is also critical. Small patterns require a small nozzle, and this is surely the case here. Basically, you will use the finest nozzle available. This typically is in the 4mm range for Orange Peel finishes. 

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