Graco Inc.

Athletic Field Markers 

Walk-behind and riding athletic field marking equipment

Graco FieldLazer athletic field markers feature High-Pressure Airless Technology, which operates at over 10X the pressure of competitive, low-pressure models. The result is lower paint consumption and professional, bright lines. Low-pressure models simply dump paint onto the ground, wasting not only paint, but also water, time, and money! Graco FieldLazers utilize high-pressure technology and precision spray tips to provide a spray pattern that coats both sides of the grass blade, not the soil, resulting in...

  • Professional, bright lines
  • Up to 75% lower paint cost vs. aerosol
  • Up to 50% lower paint cost vs. competitive low-pressure models
  • Sprays thick, undiluted paint
  • Spend less time measuring and mixing
  • Finish up to 4X faster*