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Graco circulation pumps and supply pumps for manufacturing and industrial applications are available in pneumatic, electric or hydraulic configurations. These rugged and reliable paint pumps feature a low-noise design and the ability to smoothly change paint colours, which saves operator time. Graco pumps use high quality motors capable of handling high pressures for a broad range of paints and coatings.



Energy Efficient Paint Pumps Reduce Operating Costs

Graco’s reliable circulation pumps and supply pumps use high performance, yet energy efficient motors. The result: you’ll reduce operating costs for every Graco paint pump on your factory floor.

Minimise Downtime

Graco’s sealed lower not only has longer maintenance cycles, but it is also easier, faster and cheaper to replace than an entire circulation pump or paint pump assembly. Ideal for pumping application in your mix room, including catalysed coatings.

Lower Noise Levels Improves Working Conditions

Graco’s noise reduction technology in our electric motors helps lower noise levels throughout your manufacturing facilities. In turn, operators experience more comfortable working conditions.

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Wetted Material



Direct current (DC) electric piston pumps with intelligent (i) control drive efficiency and sustainability for high volume industrial paint circulation. The circulation pump’s 4-ball lowers come in 750 to 4,000 cc configurations that meet every flow application.


Choose between Graco’s Endura-Flo Extended Pressure 4:1 models or Extended Durability 3:1.


Graco’s E-Flo DC 4-Ball Electric pumps are ideal for small to medium circulation systems with outputs up to 2,000 cc per cycle.

Glutton bellows pump

Graco’s Glutton bellows seal design pump handles a broad range of coatings. The external check allows for quick maintenance for materials that pack or mat out easily.


Graco’s Viscount 4-Ball Circulation Pump utilises hydraulic powered piston pump technology to make it up to three times more efficient than comparable compressed air systems.


Dura-Flo and Xtreme pumps for liquid coatings are designed to handle a high range of pressure without compromising flow.


Graco’s E-Flo 4-Ball Pumps for liquid coatings have a dual lower and outputs up to 4,000 cc per cycle.


Graco’s E-Flo 2-Ball electric supply pump is for applications requiring high pressure, up to 206 bar (3,000 psi). Plus the minimal pulsation at changeover provides a more consistent finish.


Graco’s High-Flo 4-Ball pneumatic pumps are designed to handle tough finishing applications, run longer and give you outstanding performance.


The Merkur Bellows Pump easily handles shear-sensitive materials, including UV coatings and water-borne materials.


Graco’s Monark 2-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps offer compatibility with a number of materials. With a slightly smaller air motor to its President counterpart, this pneumatic 2-Ball Piston Pump is great for consistency and low pressure.


Graco’s President 2-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps for Liquid Coatings is a pneumatic positive displacement pump with a 2-ball design for uniform and easily controlled delivery.


Graco’s President Sealed 4-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps offer improved durability, more compatibility, and longer life span.


Graco’s Triton 1:1 Pumps offer a more effective alternative to traditional pressure pots and standard diaphragm pumps. By utilising air-operated diaphragm technology, this spray package applies a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal.


Graco’s Viscount 2-Ball Circulation & Supply Pumps utilise hydraulic powered piston pumps for high efficiency. The unique design allows it to operate inside the factory and outdoors.


Keep your paint circulation system up-and-running with minimal maintenance. Sealed 4-ball pump lowers are easier, faster and cheaper to replace than pump assemblies. Completely sealed, this lower works for any pumping application in your paint mix room – even catalysed coatings.


Direct current (DC) electric piston pumps with intelligent (i) control supply high volume liquid finishing applications. With a 145 to 1,000 cc volume per cycle range, the supply pump’s 2-ball lowers achieve 6:1 to 46:1 equivalent pressure ratios.

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