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Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for EV Batteries

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives in EV Batteries

EV battery designers and manufacturers recognise how PSAs bring good adhesion and flexibility to cell to pack and pouch cell lamination. Move those applications into production with five questions about hot melt equipment.


Extreme Material Abrasiveness? Problem Solved with Elite

Some thermal interface materials (TIMs) are so abrasive, it’s like pumping diamond dust or liquid sandpaper. Explore why and how we developed Elite, the longest-lasting pump construction for abrasive material dispensing.

Success Stories

Demo Proves Pivotal in Move to Automation

Realistic test shows flocking team how to solve over-spray, pot life and process control problems.

Reduce Costs

Unique Research Explains Subtle, but Costly, Automotive Finishing Challenge

An automaker noticed that certain colours or metallics were going flat and had to be thrown out. Graco finishing experts found out why.

Success Stories

No More Running Around

Military vehicle finisher finds solution to small batch mixing. Wireless start/stop switch allows control inside hazardous area.

Success Stories

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Drastically Reduces Downtime and Labour Costs

In side-by-side comparison, Graco ProMix 2KS plural component mixing system provides better ratio assurance, flexibility and ease of use than other automatic mixing and dosing system.


Mould Release Agent Application

Make sure your mould release agent evenly coats the injection mould, so that parts do not stick.


Finishing Solutions for Backlit Displays

Get the precision needed to ensure the icon on the display is vividly illuminated.


Finishing Solutions for Automotive Components

Get the flexibility to apply primers, base coats and top coats with a single system.