Graco Inc.

Peristaltic hose pumps ideal for industrial metering and transfer

A new addition to the Graco Process product line has entered the market: the SoloTech peristaltic hose pumps. This line replaces the EP pump product line, which will be discontinued as of now.

SoloTech is a big upgrade of the current EP pumps product line. It might look similar on the outside, but it is a totally different pump.

The main differences with the EP product line are:

  • Cast Aluminium housing vs cast iron housing (makes the pump much lighter)
  • Metallic roller vs plastic roller (for more accurate flow)
  • Aluminium covers versus plastic cover
  • Flange connection versus threaded
  • New mounting feat: easy lift point and installation help
  • New hose design
  • Upgraded hose installation (no cutting tools needed anymore, just a screwdriver)
  • AC ATEX and Brushless DC motor options
  • More control options: Batch control, Pressure control, PLC connection
  • Leak detector option

Other Key features of the Graco SoloTech line:

  • 4 pump sizes: ST-10 (10mm), ST23, ST26 and ST30
  • Up to 60l/minute
  • Max 8.6 bar working pressure
  • Four hose materials: Natural Rubber, CSM, Nitrile, EPDM  

Where do you use a Hose Pump?

  • Water treatment plants: (waste) water, sodium hypochloride, lime…
  • Abrasive slurry transfer (chemical waste water)
  • Yeast transfer (beverages)
  • Ceramic slurries, mining, phosphate for e-coating ….

These features, combined with the quality and reliability of our high class manufacturing standards, make the Graco SoloTech an excellent choice for transferring a wide area of fluids.