Graco Inc.

Introducing breakthrough texture spray technology

Boosting productivity and finishing 6 times faster

Hopper guns are a popular tool among contractors spraying all kinds of texture coatings. Easy to use, easy to carry around and versatile in applications. They’ve been around for decades, and there really haven’t been any significant improvements made to them for some time.

Until now.

The TexSpray FastFinish pressure-boosted hopper gun system is engineered to deliver exceptional texture finishes 6X faster than traditional gravity-feed hoppers so professionals finish fast with less fatigue. 



How it works

  1. Air enters gun
  2. Adjustable Flow Control sends air to hopper
  3. Air pushes down on material
  4. Pressurised material and air mix, creating a texture finish

The small and portable FastFinish maximizes material and air flow with a high-output, continuous flow air compressor and pressurized spray gun. This makes it the ideal solution for smaller texture jobs in a wide variety of applications and materials such as smooth touch-up, EIFS, decorative finish and acoustic renders.