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Pulse™ Fluid management is here!

Pulse™ - the lastest innovation in fluid Management is officially launched

Break through the limitations of traditional fluid management with Pulse. It offers advanced wireless technology to dispense and track bulk fluids, capture analytics and automate reports.

Pulse is comprised of two basic components which provide advanced-level fluid inventory control and reporting capabilities the Pulse Hub and Pulse Dispense Meter.

In addition to the two basic components, the system includes optional components e.g. Pump Air Control (PAC), Tank Level Monitor (TLM), mobile cart and remote extender. Pulse is programmed for data sharing with popular enterprise resource planner (ERP) and dealership-data management systems such as R&R.


Benefits of Pulse fluid management:

  • Transparency: monitoring every drop, every time automatically and minimising shrinkage, rounding and invoice discrepancies.
  • Accountability: tracking issues to the source via advanced technology, including automated alerts and customizable reports.
  • Integration: capturing data, integrating it with popular DMS's and sharing it with other stakeholders quickly to improve scheduling, inventory, procurement, pricing and more.
  • Portability: pairing with mobile dispenses units and drums easily to reduce extra steps and hassles for technicians.
  • Scalability: adding Pulse into almost any environment quickly, even retrofitting applications or multiple buildings within the same facility, and avoiding excessive installation costs and delays.
  • Simplicity: avoiding surprises, interruptions and delays. Fluids are tracked and recorded instantly and automatically, so technicians can spend more time in the service bay serving more customers.
  • Inventory management: monitoring fluid inventory and scheduling refills to minimise delays and excessive costs.