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Higher output and greater efficiency with the latest LubePro pumps

Optimal lubrication with the advanced technology of the A2800 and A2900 pumps

The LubePro™ welcomes two new injector-based automatic lubrication pumps to the family: the A2800 vertical oil and A2900 vertical grease pumps.

These new pumps are most commonly utilized to lubricate machines in the stamping, can production, glass production, machine tool, tire production and automation industries.

LubePro™ series pumps offer a robust solution where high output and fast lubrication cycles and flow rates are needed to optimally lubricate equipment while it is working.

The A2800 and A2900 enable higher lube output and greater efficiency thanks to a fast cycle rate and flow. In as little as ten seconds, oil and grease reach the equipment. This ensures that more points can be lubricated more efficiently.