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Discover the new technology behind our airless handheld sprayers

Smooth airless finish at any speed

The Ultra Airless Handheld sprayer is designed with a complete new technology. It now contains a TriaxTM triple piston pump that increases durability and has a light weight design. ProConnectTM lets you replace your Triax pump right on the job. In combination with the RAC X Fine Finish Low Pressure tip, the pump delivers an unmatched performance with a perfect finish.

The new Ultra Airless Handheld sprayer comes in three models:

  • Ultra Corded Handheld: waterbased material compatible
  • Ultra Cordless Handheld: Waterbased material compatible
  • Ultra Max Cordless Handheld: Waterbased + solvent resistant

The cordless handhelds are powered by DeWalt XR Lithium Ion batteries. With one charge you can spray up to 3 liters.