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Graco is pleased to announce 2 additions to our Protective Coating equipment line

There are 3 new versions of Xtreme Spray packages, without integrated filter.  

These units are suitable for materials which are heavily filled, and no fluid filtering is required or where filtering would have more negative effects.

All units are complete spray packages on heady duty cart, with 15 meter high pressure airless hose, XTR airless gun and XHD spray tip.

Part numbers for these units are:

  • X45DH7 Xtreme sprayer, 45:1, complete on cart
  • X60DH7 Xtreme sprayer, 60:1, complete on cart
  • X70DH7 Xtreme sprayer, 70:1, complete on cart

All 3 new units are available for sale immediately.

New XHD tip adapter to fit on non-GRACO airless guns. 

The new XHD tip guard features a 11/16” thread which fits on a number of non-GRACO airless guns.

Maximum working pressure 500 Bar (7.250 PSI).

This new tip guard will allow the use of the high pressure XHD tips on guns with a 11/16” thread and opens new business opportunities.

Part number for the new XHD tip guard:

  • XHD005 XHD tip guard, 11/16”
The tip guard is available for sale immediately.