We pump peanut butter into your jar, and the oil in your car. We glue the soles of your shoes, the glass in your windows and pump the ink onto your bills. We spray the finish on your vehicle, coatings on your pills, the paint on your house and texture on your walls. We've been a part of your daily life for more than 90 years.

Graco Products & Solutions

Graco designs and manufactures thousands of fluid handling products and solutions for the industries we pursue around the world.


The Magnum range contains paint sprayers for consumers who like to do their own work inside and outside of the home — including walls, ceilings, trim, fences, decks and more.


Professional contractors in many trades consider Graco their trusted supplier for dependable equipment that helps them save time while producing high-quality results.

Vehicle Service & Heavy Equipment

Customers rely on our lubrication expertise for dealerships, workshops, lube trucks, and on-road vehicles.

Industrial, Manufacturing & Processing

For customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, packaging, sanitary and many others.

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