Press release - February 25, 2021

Applying traffic tape just got easier with the TapeLazer HP Automatic

The TapeLazer™ HP makes tape line marking user-friendly and cost-effective. You can improve your productivity by applying tape with the accuracy of a walk-behind taper and the comfort and productivity of a large taper truck.



Features and benefits

  • Trouble-free cutting
    • Single, no-stick blade cuts on the non-adhesive side of the tape eliminating adhesive buildup and the need for an oiler to maintain.
    • Quickchange blade replacement allows to swap out the blade in seconds and keep you up and running on the job.
  • Fast, accurate EZ Load tape loading
    • Toolless locator collars for quick/easy change-out.
    • EasyMark tape bar and guide rollers allow for quick and easy tape alignment resulting in straighter lines.
  • Flexible & safe operation
    • Slide the tape carriage right or left to get within 8 cm of the road edge.
    • Keeps you safe and out of traffic.
  • Automatic Tape Cut system
    • Push-button control for lower operator fatigue and accurate (skip-)lines.
    • Manual, semi- and automatic mode.
    • System delay for accurate starts/stops.
  • Precision-cut every time
    • Dual-cylinder design enables multi-setup cutting process that eliminates “pull up” of tape during cutting ensuring optimal adhesion.
    • The Precision-Cut™ System with pneumatic brake slops the tape for an instant while cutting resulting in a crisp, clean-cut.
  • Debris-free application
    • Dual swivel wheels keep the front tires and debris out of the primer resulting up to better adhesion.

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