Press release - May 26, 2020

Rebuild faster than any other (air-purge) gun!

The new Fusion® PC gun offers a faster rebuild by simply replacing a cartridge.

The Fusion PC gun is made with a long-life mixing chamber and a strong long-lasting cartridge for low maintenance requirements and less downtime.

With the ProConnect technology, the entire fluid section including the side seals and all associated o-rings are in one single cartridge, meaning you can stock fewer parts and have a perfect rebuild, with a factory tested replacement cartridge.


A perfect rebuild in seconds

  • Reduced parts - o-rings, side seals and fluid section all in one cartridge
  • Simply replace the cartridge - it’s like a factory quality reset
  • Minimize downtime - get your job done faster


A perfect rebuild in seconds shown in 4 steps
  1. Remove the air cap and retaining ring
  2. Remove the cartridge
  3. Press the new PC fluid cartridge onto the mix chamber
  4. Install the retaining ring and air cap

Retrofit kits

Transform your Fusion Air Purge gun into a Fusion PC with the ProConnect Retrofit Kit. This allows you to take full advantage of what the Fusion PC delivers: a perfect rebuild in seconds. The Retrofit Kit is compatible with all Fusion AP guns and can be combined with any Fusion PC mix chamber.


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