Press release - February 19, 2020

Expanding the Contractor PC gun range: small in size, big in performance

The Contractor™ PC gun family now has a new member: the Contractor PC Compact gun.

The new Contractor PC Compact gun is even smaller and lighter than the successful Contractor PC gun (launched last year), without compromising on performance.

Together with the small size and lightweight, the ergonomic design of this new gun provides a revolutionary spraying experience as it's easy to manoeuvre and control. The gun not only fits perfectly in the hand but also helps reducing downtime with a 1-part on-the-job gun rebuild.

The very thin BlueMax™ II whip hose (1/8” X 1.4M) is suitable for all decorative paints. Moreover, it enables to effortlessly spray small corners and hard-to-reach places.

Moreover, the Contractor PC Compact gun comes with a new, smaller filter.

Contractor PC gun


Features and benefits

  • Comfort: it's one of the lightest guns in its class and has up to 50% lighter trigger pull force compared to current guns. This means you can finish your job faster with less fatigue.
  • Flexibility: with the very thin BlueMax™ II whip hose, contractors improve their flexibility and operation control at the gun.
  • Speed: ease of field repairability without the need of a toolbox thanks to the exclusive ProConnect Replacement Cartridge.

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