Press release - Maasmechelen, 8 June 2023

Graco launches QUANTM pump

The new electric-operated double diaphragm pump for industrial and hygienic applications is a big leap forward in pump innovation

Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, announces the release of the company’s next-generation electric-operated double diaphragm pump, QUANTM™. The QUANTM pump features a revolutionary new electric motor design that is up to 8X more efficient than a standard pneumatic pump.

The innovative QUANTM pump is suitable for nearly any fluid transfer application and offers a wide range of materials of construction to support multiple industrial and hygienic applications, including chemical processing, water treatment, paint manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and more.

“The QUANTM pump isn’t a new twist on old technology. It’s an entirely innovative design that changes how pumps perform in factories and other installations around the world,” said Bart Clerx, Product Marketing Manager EMEA. “We’re excited to have created an advanced, extremely efficient design that is lightweight and provides significantly lower lifetime costs than other pump technologies. The pump modernises operations by greatly reducing energy costs. This empowers industrial manufacturers to protect and grow margins and measurably contribute to energy savings, compliance and environmental stewardship efforts.”


The breakthrough electric QUANTM pump is designed to be a highly reliable drop-in replacement for current pneumatic pumps or greenfield construction. This pump is built for harsh industrial or hygienic environments, yet its innovative and efficient design is lightweight and easy to maintain. With built-in controls and no gearbox, the pump fits seamlessly into most fluid transfer applications.

“Our new QUANTM pump is the perfect solution for upgrading your less-efficient air-operated pumps,” continues Clerx. “The same great self-priming, stalling, seal-less design is a must-have for in-process applications, filling systems and hygienic applications. The powerful new FluxCore™ motors and drives deliver up to eight times more continuous torque at low speeds than conventional motors. The plug-and-play installation allows you to replace existing pumps without additional investment or infrastructure rework easily.”

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