Press release - December 20, 2021

Improving control with new back pressure regulators for circulation systems

Consistent fluid control is crucial to guaranteeing quality from any finishing process

A new line of back pressure regulators (BPRs) for medium pressure circulation systems is now available. The back pressure regulators maintain upstream fluid pressure, regardless of flow demand. This allows operators to trigger guns, valves and other flow controls without affecting system pressure.

Medium pressure BPR offerings include one mechanical (3000 psi) and three pneumatic (1000 psi, 2000 psi, 3000 psi) models.

Operators can improve finishing process control will benefit especially from the pneumatic models’ ability to:

  • interface with the Graco Intelligent Paint Kitchen (IPK), controlling pressure and flow without human intervention;
  • offer very high resolution, adjusting accurately to keep fluid pressure at desired levels.
Medium Pressure BPR

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