Press release - October 6, 2021

Introducing new manual and automatic spray guns for finishing applications

Achieving top-notch results with PerformAA spray guns

After thorough research and a continuous look for improvement, Graco now releases its new line of spray guns for industrial finishing applications: PerformAA.

These guns deliver performance above all with

  • new manual spray guns: PerformAA 15 Air Assist gun, PerformAA 50 Air Assist gun, PerformAA Airless gun;
  • and a new automatic spray gun: PerformAA Auto.

PerformAA 15, 50 and Airless manual spray guns

  • Superior transfer efficiency and atomisation
  • Fine Finish and pré-orifice spray tips delivering consistent and exceptional finish
  • Material-specific air caps that produce high-quality spray performance
  • Cartridge-style components for easy and quick maintenance

PerformAA Auto automatic spray gun

  • Equipped with Angle indicators and Graco Gauge
  • Exact and repeatable air cap orientation
  • Air caps designed for specific materials

Made for every material and application

Whether you are finishing wood cabinets, construction equipment or industrial components, there is a PerformAA air cap and spray tip for you that delivers superior results.

Each air cap is geometrically designed for the finest atomisation with the least amount of guesswork when spraying a certain material.

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