Press release - May 7, 2021

Meet PowerFill 3.5, Graco’s new loading pump for drywall finishing

The first battery-powered loading pump for drywall finishing

Have you heard the rumours about a revolutionary new Graco drywall finishing product? They’re all true! It’s the industry’s first battery-powered loading pump for drywall finishing. Replacing a manual loading pump, it is designed to fill all manual or automatic taping and finishing tools easily and consistently throughout the day, without the usual fatigue.

With PowerFill 3.5™ hand pumping is history. That is great news because it means you can:

  • Save time and work more easily 
  • Reduce fatigue and injuries
  • Raise their profits and upscale their business


PowerFill 3.5


Designed and built according to the high Graco quality standards you're familiar with, PowerFill 3.5 comes in 3 series: a Standard Series for residential and remodelling jobs, and 2 Pro Series for large residential and commercial jobs.

  • Standard Series for occasional residential and remodelling jobs, with all standard features included
  • Pro Series for large residential and commercial jobs requiring more productivity
  • Pro Series XL should be considered when working with larger bucket sizes

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