Press release - March 9, 2022

New colour change platform brings infinite flexibility to industrial finishing automation

IniFlex brings infinite flexibility to industrial finishing automation

The newest innovation in Graco’s finishing automation capabilities is now released for sale. The IniFlex platform of colour change components offers manufacturers the infinite flexibility they need to decrease colour change times and reduce flushing waste.

IniFlex fits into almost any application that requires compact colour change valves. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • painting robots with on-arm colour change capability;
  • reciprocators with automatic paint spray guns;
  • single and plural component mixing systems.

Flushing quickly and cleanly with less waste

If you want to cut colour change times and waste less solvent, you will especially benefit from IniFlex. The unique design of the colour change valve assembly causes it to flush cleanly without having to use a lot of solvent.

This animation shows how fluid flows through the IniFlex valve assembly. Its innovative design ensures there’s no opportunity for accumulation. Less dead space requires less solvent and saves you more money.

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