Press release - January 28, 2022

New Switch swiveling applicator for robotic sealing applications

The new Switch 3D gun is a Swiveling applicator for robotic sealing applications. It's a lightweight, high-pressure applicator designed for precision robotic applications. The applicator head is equipped with swivel functionality, meaning the head can rotate independently of cables and hoses to prevent twining. The applicator head includes three nozzles that can be configured to facilitate material dispense at difficult angles and improve dispense efficiency and reduce cycle times in your process.

Watch the video to see the Switch 3D gun in action:


Due to its flexibility, the Switch 3D Gun is designed for various applications, including:

  • Under-body coating (UBC)
  • Under-body sealing (UBS)
  • Seam sealing
  • Interior seam sealing (ISS)
  • Hemming (HEM)
  • Liquid Applied Sound Deadener (LASD)

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