Press release - March 18, 2022

Now available: new battery-powered pavement units

Discover full performance with battery-powered convenience

Battery-powered operation allows users the freedom to spray anywhere and quiet, eliminate the need for extension cords, fume-free operation – while at the same time delivering the full performance required for the most demanding jobs. We are launching the following new battery-powered products in 2022.



The LineLazer ES 500 is a fully-featured line striper for small- to medium-sized jobs, while introducing the benefits of battery-powered technology. Two DeWALT 9 Ah batteries plus a fast charger enables contractors to work virtually continuously.

The LineLazer ES 500 is ideal both for indoor and outdoor applications, its lightweight makes it easy to push and manoeuvre.




Designed specifically for fast-dry traffic paints, the battery-powered Stencil ES 500 is the perfect addition to any striping contractors’ fleet to do stencilling work in comfort. It offers continuous striping thanks to its two DeWALT 6 Ah batteries and a fast charger. It’s ideal for handicap symbols, arrows, numbers, letters, and much more.




Our existing LineLazer ES 1000, LineLazer V ES 2000 and LineDriver ES are updated and equipped with new lithium batteries. This enables you to run up to 50% more per charge. Not only are they lighter but they also have a 10x longer lifetime than previous batteries.

  • LineLazer ES 1000 Lithium
  • LineLazer V ES 2000 STD Lithium
  • LineLazer V ES 2000 STD (2M) Lithium
  • LineLazer V ES 2000 HP AUTO
  • LineLazer V ES 2000 HP AUTO (1A/1M) Lithium
  • LineLazer V ES 2000 HP AUTO (2A) Lithium
  • LineDriver ES Lithium

These groundbreaking new products have been designed to help you make the most profit on every job.

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