Media Contacts

Corporate Communications
Charlotte Boyd, Corporate Communications Team Leader
+1 612-623-6153

Industrial Equipment
Diaphragm, process and sanitary pumps, plus spray guns, pumps, proportioners and spray packages used for liquid finishing.
Carrie Cotch, Communications Manager
+1 612-623-6460

High Performance Coatings & Foam
Equipment for dispensing sealants and adhesives, hot melt materials, in-plant polyurethane foams and composites and preparing surfaces, plus industrial sprayers for applying protective coatings, mortar and spray foam insulation.
Courtney Beall, Marketing Manager
+1 612-623-6420

Contractor Equipment
Equipment used to apply paint, architectural coatings and texture materials.
Todd Safgren, Communications Manager
+1 612-623-6734

Lubrication Equipment
Equipment used to transfer, meter and dispense lubricants and petroleum products.
Tegan Scott, Marketing Manager
+1 612-379-3695


International Media Contacts

Europe, Middle East & Africa Headquarters
Miranda Houbrechts, Content & Advertising Lead
+32 89 770 772

Asia Pacific Headquarters
Capri Jin, Regional Marketing and Communications Director
+86 21 23106100

South & Central America Headquarters
Fabien Ledebt, Regional Sales and Marketing Director
+598 95 952473