Our customer service team provides A+ Customer Support to the distribution and end users by phone and email in different languages.

Our customer service team provides A+ Customer Support to our distributors and end user customers  by phone and email in different languages. They handle all enquiries on orders, availability of products, deliveries.
They also help resolve customer complaints in the most effective way.

Our supply chain team manages and controls the supply chain business processes in order to achieve improvements in critical performance measures such as cost, time, quality and service.

They aim for the highest service levels and efficient inventory utilisation with special attention to tracking,  controlling and improving the sales forecasts.

As a Customer Service Representative you must have an A+ Customer Experience mindset to ensure customer satisfaction and proactively take customer support initiatives.

In this position it is essential to possess excellent communication skills in several languages.

Our Supply Chain Specialists have affinity with logistics and computer systems and have acquired extensive knowledge of inventory and forecasting tools to contribute to efficient logistics management and company logistics objectives while exceeding customer expectations.

A+ service to every costumer every time

“Graco gave me the opportunity to start my professional career as a Customer Service Specialist immediately after gaining my master degree in languages.
In this position I was able to use my language skills providing support to our EMEA customers. It enabled me to grow into the person I am today.
I enjoy the professional and social contact with our customers every day.
Graco also gave me the opportunity to be involved in short and longer term projects in different supporting departments, most currently working on system improvement and enhancement, contributing to A+ Customer Experience.”

Kristel Vanaken
Customer Service Supervisor

Kristel Vanaken - Customer Success Coordinator

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