Graco Inc.

Introducing Pro Xp™


Electrostatic Spray guns that deliver Expert Performance!

Graco is pleased to announce the introduction of the Pro Xp electrostatic manual spray guns. The new Pro Xp is a complete line of air spray and air-assist electrostatic spray guns that are smaller, lighter and designed to maximize your profits.

Highlights of the Pro Xp gun line include:

  • A wide variety of gun models with new models to fit changing production needs
    • 40 kV Booster gun gives you the transfer efficiency of a 60 kV gun in a compact size
    • 60 kV Air-Assist gun is a very small & light electrostatic air assist gun
    • High Conductivity guns in all kV gun models for spraying low resistivity material
  • Operator Friendly with a smaller, lighter gun, no heavy power cord and an ergonomic handle
  • State-of-the-Art-Technology with Smart Controls for analyzing performance, adapting voltage needs and troubleshooting
  • Superior Spray Performance with new Air-Assist tip lines and air cap designed to deliver high quality finish
  • Built-in Dependability with durable components supported by a 3 year warranty
  • Maximize Profits with high transfer efficiency and reduced material usage