Graco Inc.

Announcing the launch of Pulse FC Fluid Control

Track bulk fluids accurately and automatically with the new Pulse FC

The new Pulse® FC Fluid Control system is an innovative wire-free fluid control solution for vehicle service and maintenance workshops. The system is designed to provide service operations with accuracy and control to automate and regulate fluid dispenses for optimal accountability and profitability.

New SD preset meter for Pulse FC

The Pulse FC system utilizes the new robust and ergonomically-enhanced SD Series™ preset meters with a maximum flow of 68 lpm. The redesigned meters have a durable cast body and long-life valve to ensure maximum performance. With a simple Pulse FC system starter kit, you can easily convert your SD preset meters to Pulse FC and gain additional control of your fluids.

Gaining insight into and controlling bulk fluids

  • Simplicity: fluids are easily controlled so you can spend more time serving more customers
  • Accountability: assurance that every vehicle or machine receives the appropriate amount of fluid for more accurate billing
  • Scalability: the ability to add Pulse FC into almost any environment quickly, even retrofit applications and avoiding excessive installation costs and delays.
  • Mobility: easily pairable with mobile dispense units and drums so you can conveniently dispense without delays, hassles or extra steps

With the launch of Pulse FC, Graco has rebranded Pulse Pro, the fluid management solution that was launched last year. Together, these two solutions create the Pulse Fluid Management family.

Pulse fluid management is suitable in many industries including automobile, mining, fleet services, trucking, heavy construction, oil and more.