Graco Inc.

New Websites for Asia Pacific and EMEA Regions


Graco announced today that it is expanding its multi-lingual website capabilities at to include significant new functionality for an additional 10 key languages in its Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions. The languages include Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish. Spanish, French, and Portuguese translations for all content have been available since 2012. In addition, navigation pages for numerous additional languages including Arabic, Latvian, and Lithuanian are now available to help point end-users to Graco’s portfolio of products.

“Expanding our business globally is a key growth driver for the company and the introduction of a substantive new multi-lingual capability for our website supports our international growth strategies,” said Patrick J. McHale, Graco’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The new international capabilities include personalization features that tailor viewable web content to the specific interest of the user. This functionality makes relevant content and product features much easier to find, while offering a more dynamic platform with new visuals and global brand consistency. The personalization features can be disabled by viewers if they do not want all of the website’s functionality.

“Graco’s new website is a direct response to consumers in EMEA and around the world who have asked for more product information to help them make the best purchasing decision possible,” said Jeffrey P. Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA. “We will continue to evolve Graco’s web technologies to meet the needs of our worldwide customer base.”

With the new functionality, global viewers of Graco’s website can obtain detailed product information in their native language to help them determine which Graco product ideally meets their job requirements. The new sites also contain translated marketing materials; support information such as resource manuals and case studies; as well as videos and downloadable photographs.