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Higher flow rates, less pulsation and less downtime with the new E-Flo DC

The New E-Flo DC: twice the technology – twice the benefits

The new E-Flo DC 2000, 3000, and 4000 high flow rate electric paint circulation pumps doubles the original 4-ball circulation pump technology to provide higher flow rates (45 liter/min), less pulsation, and less downtime.

E-Flo DC the most innovative solution for your paint circulation system:

  • Save Energy
  • Run in Pressure or Flow Mode
  • Stall under pressure
  • Run the 2 motors (and fluid sections) separately which will drastically reduce downtime
  • Quiet Electric Motor
  • Minimum pressure fluctuations for a smooth finishing
  • Increased Pressures and Flow Rates: up to 28 Bar and 45 liter/min  
  • Easy Installation: No VFDs required.
  • Different types of 4 Ball Lowers available: Enclosed Wet cup or Open Wet cup and now available with the Ultralife Sealed 4 ball Lowers
  • ATEX Approved

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