Graco Inc.

New PR70e™ Meter

Mix and Dispense System - Two-component dispensing at an affordable price

Graco is pleased to announce the release of the PR70e Meter, Mix and Dispense System which provides easy two-component dispensing at an affordable price. The PR70e offers superior ratio accuracy within +/-1% for a broad range of materials and various applications including bonding and sealing, potting, gasketing, encapsulation and syringe filling. The PR70e joins the advanced PR70 fixed ratio system and the PR70v for variable ratio applications.

The Graco PR70e Meter, Mix and Dispense units offer:

Entry Level System – The PR70e is a basic meter, mix and dispense system that offers Graco accurate performance, yet at a lower investment than other PR70 models.

Easy to Use - The PR70e comes with a Local Control Module (LCM) with electronic controls for operating and maintenance modes. Its LCD graphical interface is easy to use and saves time by enabling accurate shot size programming.

Proven Ratio Accuracy – The PR70e offers Graco proven reliability and ratio accuracy with MULTIple tube sizes available to pin-point specific target ratios and deliver ratio accuracy to +/- 1%.

Long Life Design – Optimized pump support, seal design and Chromex rods provide twice the life of existing systems.

The PR70e is available for sale using the part numbers below.


For more detailed information, please refer to our PR70 brochure.