Graco Inc.

SaniForce Elevator

A flexible solution for drum & bin unloading

A flexible solution for drum & bin unloading

Graco is proud to announce the release of the SaniForce Elevator, a flexible solution to unload drums and bins in a sanitary way.
The SaniForce elevator enables you to easily lift and transport a Graco piston pump on the factory floor.

The Graco elevator includes following features:


  • Stationary model to fix on the floor
  • Mobile model with braked wheels to easily move around
  • Can be equipped with multiple Graco piston pumps
  • Used to evacuate drums and bins

Hygienic & Safe

  • No need to lift the pump into the drum or bin.

         - You don’t have to carry the weight of the pump around.
         - You don’t have to lean over the product to insert the pump.

  • Made out of FDA approved materials
  • Heavy mobile base to have enough weight to avoid tilting.

Graco Piston pump technology

  • Self-priming
  • Easy to clean (using tri-clamps)
  • Air exhaust away from the product
  • Air motor housing totally sealed using KYDEX FDA material
  • Different models are available

     * 2:1 piston pump= 17 bar up to 5.7 l/min
     * 5:1 piston pump= 28 bar up to 53 l/min
     * 6:1 piston pump = 44 bar up to 15 l/min

  •  Handles materials up to 150,000 Centipoise

Some typical applications include: tomato puree, fruit concentrates, jams, but also cosmetic crèmes, mascara and many more.

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