Superior mixing and ratio assurance

For the glass industry


Advanced Glazing Proportioner

The Exactablend AGP is a manual 2k extruder designed for secondary sealing of double and triple glass. The system pumps the 2 component materials from the drums and then monitors and adjusts the flow rate of both base and catalyst material, thus providing you 100% ratio-assurance. With Exactablend AGP the bonding or sealing of Insulated glazing, curtain wall or structural glazing has never been easier.


"We have less cost and save more money"

Fabrizio Briganti, Glass Ceyssens

  • Available in 3 models: Polyurethane, Silicone or Polysulfide extruder
  • 100% on ratio mixing assurance
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Automatic shut down if off-ratio occurs
  • Eliminates Rework

MD2 Dispense Valve

The MD2 is an extrusion applicator which is designed to accurately dispense and mix 2-component materials. It possesses the unique feature of mixing the materials after exiting the applicator in to a static mixer. This makes sure that material won’t cure in the hoses and that you will significantly reduce material usage during purging.

MD2 Dispense Valve

  • Guaranteed material savings
  • Fast and easy base purge
  • Less maintenance cost

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