Graco Inc.

Graco Introduces New Hose Pumps

EP Series Hose Pump, EP2

Graco’s new EP Series hose pump design uses a single, oversized roller that compresses a low friction hose through a full 360-degrees rotation. This innovative design puts 40 procent less stress on the hose compared to conventional shoe pumps running at the same flow rate. This results in a longer hose life when pumping corrosive, abrasive or sensitive materials for chemical metering, plating or yeast applications.

“The versatility of our hose pumps allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications,” says Walter Leeten, Graco Marketing Specialist for Process products. “The same pump can be used for various products without the need for hose changes or mechanical changes to the pump.”

The pump also has 50 procent more fluid flow per revolution than C-shape positive displacement pumps. Other features include a compact footprint for tight spaces and flexible placement, a removable cover for easy access to internal parts and a one-piece “quick change” hose clamp assembly for fast service. 
EP Series hose pumps are available in 3 sizes and can run at speeds as low as 1 rpm.