Graco Inc.

ILE & PMG Training, 27–28 January 2012,St-Petersburg, Russia


On 27 & 28 January 2012, Graco held a 2 day LED training school in St. Petersburg, Russia.

On hand to do the training for automatic lubrication systems (Industrial Lubrication Equipment) was Tom Smigelski, Field Sales Application Engineer, with the Graco Lubrication Equipment Division from the US. Topics covered were the new products such as G3™, the GL™ injectors and USP™ series progressive blocks, as well as the rest of the ILE product line. System design for automatic lubrication systems was also covered in significant detail. It was great to have Tom Smigelski participate in the event and conduct the training, as he is one of the most knowledgeable people at Graco on these types of systems.

Glenn Will, Business Development Manager from Graco EMEA was there also to do the training on key new products such as the LD™ pumps, LD reels, meters, Matrix™, as well as the rest of the product offering of the Petroleum Management Group. The group learnt how to program the Matrix fluid management system and how all of the various components interacted with each other. The attendees also learnt how to position the various PMG products to their respective market positions and how to sell their advantages.

Dmitry Zharskiy, District Manager for Russia, also attended and was very instrumental in doing the translations from the instructors and English to the Russian language for the two days and that was very well received by the group. Glenn Will states: “It definitely helped the attendees gain knowledge first hand in their own language, as many did not speak or understand English. It was a great team effort in being able to transfer the knowledge from the instructors through Dmitry to the attendees. I believe that the attendees really appreciated that and were able to get more out of it as a result”.

On Friday night, a group dinner outing to St. Petersburg, allowed everyone to interact with one another and discuss various topics related to the LED training and how they could implement their new knowledge upon return to their businesses.

From a Graco perspective, it was felt by all that this was a great investment of Graco time and money, as all of the countries that were represented have significant opportunity to grow their lubrication equipment business. This adds to supporting our strategies of gaining business in new markets, emerging economies and in new geographies.