Graco Inc.

New FRP Proportioner

FRP Chop-System

Provides a high-performance spray and chop technology

Graco is pleased to announce the launch of the new FRP Proportioner line available for both gel coat and chop applications. These Graco FRP Proportioners are available for sale as of 7 March 2012.

The Graco FRP Proportioner provides a high-performance spray and chop technology. Engineered with industry-proven Graco components, Graco FRP Proportioners and RS™ applicator guns provide you with a system that is technologically advanced, long lasting and affordable.

Graco’s FRP proportioners were designed from the start to provide customers with more up-time and lower operating costs.


  • Easy maintenance – fewer repair parts
  • Long-lasting seals mean less downtime for maintenance
  • Pumps last longer between planned maintenance
  • No surge bottle necessary – less parts, less solvent and less resin needed to prime the pump
  • DataTrackTM option- saves time and money through tracking cycle counts, resin usage and flow rates.

We received an incredible response to these units during field testing. If you wish to be able to offer a technologically advanced product with the potential to help lower customer’s total operating costs, order Graco FRP Proportioners today!