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OFS  Overspray Control Kit - 30% savings possible

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If you spray exteriors, it can happen that wind, material temperature and other factors may lead to some overspray! Hence, Graco's newest solution, the Overspray Control Kit, can optimize your spray results even further.


  • Where can I spray? Too much masking and overspray, and the cleaning of the machine, are the most frequent negative points that a painter mentions off the top of his head. Often it is very difficult, because scaffoldings, banisters, windows, heaters, signs, lamps, etc, complicate an optimum use.
  • These hurdles push the painter back to return to his traditional tools “roller and paint brush“. GRACO’s airless units, in combination with the Overspray Control Kit, offer you the possibility to achieve an optimum result under difficult conditions.
  • This kit is special due to its many applications for exteriors and above all also interiors and the fact that it attaches to every available airless unit.
  • You can get the easy and reliable Overspray Control Kit for a fraction of a new unit. Ask your technical advisers, they will help you with pleasure to find the most suitable solution.