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SaniForce 3A Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 

The SaniForce 3A pump is a 3A certified pump for handling dairy safely and effectively.

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The SaniForce 3A pump range is designed to safely & effectively handle applications requiring 3A certification such as diary, yoghurt, cottage cheese & ice cream ingredient transfer. Mounted on a floor stand and equipped with a leak detector, SaniForce 3A Diaphragm pumps can be rotated 360 degrees for easy draining and sanitizing.


SaniForce Drum Unloader

Advantages of the SaniForce 3A pump

  • Patented, durable lube-free air valve with external serviceability for quick inexpensive repairs
  • 32 Ra formed/welded stainless steel with sanitary finish
  • Rotatable stand up to 360° degrees for quick draining, easy servicing and sanitizing
  • PTFE/EPDM overmolded Diaphragms (bolt-through options available)
    Overmolded diaphragm plates with PTFE on the fluid side and EPDM on the air side do not contain crevices for harboring bacteria
  • Tri-clamp and DIN connections for easy cleaning, sanitization, and service. 
  • Leak detector installed on 3A models

Which pump type works best for your application?

The SaniForce drum unloader is available with air-operated double diaphragm pump or a piston pump.
Use the selector tools below, to choose the best working pump type for your application.


Sanitary Unloader Selector
Chemical Compatibility Guide

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3A 1590

Saniforce 3A 1590

  • Max flow rate: 379lpm (100gpm)
  • Max fluid pressure: 8bar (120psi, 0.8MPa)
  • Max pumpable solids: 12.7mm (½”)
  • Viscosity range: Up to 15.000cps
Saniforce 3A 2150

Saniforce 3A 2150

  • Max flow rate: 681lpm (180gpm)
  • Max fluid pressure: 8bar (120psi, 0.8MPa)
  • Max pumpable solids: Ball: 25.4mm (1”) Flapper: 63.5mm (2.5”)
  • Viscosity range: Up to 20.000cps
Saniforce 3A 3250

Saniforce 3A 3250

  • Max flow rate: 946lpm (250gpm)
  • Max fluid pressure: 8bar (120psi, 0.8MPa)
  • Max pumpable solids: Ball: 25.4mm (1”) Flapper: 63.5mm (2.5”)
  • Viscosity range: Up to 25.000cps