Graco Inc.

ProControl 1KE Plus  In-line Fluid Monitoring and Control Packages

Actively manage one-component (1K) fluids for better spray performance and efficiency. Choose the control and customization that meet your finishing needs.

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The ProControl 1KE Plus is an easy-to-use fluid monitoring and control package that accurately measures and regulates single component fluid and gun atomizing air, improving your finishing process.

ProControl 1KE Plus can save manufacturers time and money by:

  • Offering 17 packages with different levels of control for unique application needs
  • Improving accuracy with closed-loop fluid control
  • Enhancing finish quality with atomizing air pressure control
  • Integrating easily with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology
  • Using job logging and tracking to improve material usage, compliance and efficiency
  • Setting optimal levels that reduce paint waste and increase quality