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Polysiloxane 1K

Product Description:

Polysiloxane 1K is a single component, high performing, acrylic siloxane finish coat. It has excellent chemical resistance and flexibility. Provides superior performance compared to typical aliphatic urethanes, plus, it is free from isocyanates.


  • Single component
  • Unlimited recoat window
  • <205 g/L VOC
  • Isocyanate free
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Outstanding long term color
  • Simplifies maintenance, and gloss performance no pot life issues
  • No reportable HAPS


Finish: Gloss

Color: Wide range of colors available

Volume Solids: 60% ± 2%

Weight Solids: 69% ± 2%

VOC (EPA Method 24): <205 g/L ; 1.71 lb/gal
     With 10% reduction: <250 g/L ; 2.08 lb/gal


Theoretical Spreading Rate per coat:
  Minimum Maximum
Wet mils (microns) 2.5 (63) 4.0 (100)
Dry mils (microns) 1.5 (38) 2.5 (63)
~Coverage sq ft/gal (sq m/L) 384 (9.4) 640 (15.7)
Theoretical coverage sq ft/gal
(sq m/L) @ 1 mil / 25 microns dft
962 (23.7)  

Recommended Uses:

Polysiloxane 1K is for use on prepared steel surfaces in industrial environments, including:

  • Maintenance or new construction
  • Structural steel
  • Tank exteriors
  • Silos
  • Piping
  • Amusement parks
  • Marine - Ship topsides and superstructures
  • FIRETEX® Hydrocarbon Coatings

*Note: For complete product information, please refer to sherwin-williams.com.


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